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Elden Ring

I debuted this cosplay in 2023

Through the autumn and winter of 2022 through 2023 I sat basically non stop with making this cosplay, utilizing pretty much my whole craft arsenal up to that point. In making Malenia I've made my own 3d models and printed, woodworked, elevated my foamwork, even looked at in-game textures for accuracy. Finally just in time for the one year anniversary of Elden Ring the cosplay was ready - not a minute too late as I had the honour of being invited by Bandai Namco Nordic for the anniversary celebration. As with most of my costumes there are still things I want to update, but for now I've gathered my workflow down at the Build Log so check that out if you're interested!

Build Log
Malenia Gallery

Antonio Papa Photography Volta 2023

Osea Costatini Volta 2023

Roberto Donadello Volta 2023

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