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Warhammer Online

I debuted this cosplay in 2023.

...Which means by extension that I've longed to make this cosplay for over 15 years. I rarely have any dream projects or characters that have stayed with me from my early teens that I actually cosplay in the end, but this is one of them. I've always been intrigued by the designs of the Dark Elf Wytches both in the actual Warhammer Fantasy game with minis, and I did play some of the MMORPG while it still existed. The designs are absolutely exquisite and high detail, and I felt I could utilize a lot of what I've learned since I started my journey way back when. Primarily I made this costume with foam and worbla, a ridiculous amount of wigwork and tried my hand at making a bra for the first time! The costume in design may seem a bit bare, but there's a lot of.. cosplay going on. Head on over to the Build Log as usual to check out my progress!

Build Log

Irish Gerry Volta 2023

Wytch Gallery

Toten Pictures Volta 2023

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