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World of Warcraft

I created this cosplay of Tyrande in 2017. This costume has been updated between each wear, and is award-winning (2nd place CCSTHLM SCC qualifier 2017, 1st place DHS2018, 1st place CCGBG SCC qualifier 2019).

Noteworthy details:
* All the "armour" filigree is made out of Thibra

* I made armsocks to wear instead of painting my arms

* The dress is made out of 3 layers of chiffon with an interior liner fabric and also has EL-wire running through the skirt for additional glow

For a full documentation of the work behind making this costume check the Build Log linked below.

Tyrande Whisperwind (World of Warcraft): Gallery

Allion Photography Stockholm 2017

Robert Johannesson Linköping 2018

Terobes Arts Cologne 2018

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