The Penitent One


I created this cosplay of The Penitent One in 2022. It had been quite a while since I made a larger armour project and I absolutely love the game Blasphemous so I thought why not. The design is very unique and definitely not something you see cosplayed often so I'm really happy with how he turned out.

- 2nd Place winner at Elgiganten Expo contest at DreamHack Summer 2022

Noteworthy details:
* The rope on the belt is hand-dyed

* I cut all the filigree details on the shoulderguard individually by hand

* I made a small "muscle section suit" to wear underneath the clothes to help get a more masculine silhouette

For a full documentation of the work behind making this costume check the Build Log linked below.


Irish Gerry Volta 2022

Santos CosPhoto Volta 2022

Infinityspiralphotography Volta 2022

Allion Photography Brahehus 2022