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Wander Build Log

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Here's the Build Log for Wander from Shadow of the Colossus. I made it back in 2015 and I've only worn it once, because somehow I have lost more than half of the costume since then. Shadow of the Colossus is one of my absolute favourite games that I played for hours on end when it was released back in 2005. Now that it has a PS4 remake I'm back playing it again, and loving every minute of it. This is a cosplay that I am considering remaking, but I have no set plans at the time.

The costume overall was a very quick build, but I do have a fair amount of photos. I had all the materials at home to build this, except the wig that I ordered off Ebay.

I had a lot of leftovers for LARP costumes and other sideprojects, especially wool and linen fabrics so those were my main choices of fabric for the costume. I used some genuine leather for the armbands and belt, and some faux leather for the sandal covers and headband. I have a small vest-thingie underneath the tabard, made from brown faux suede.

I started out making the pants, I picked a green wool fabric for them.

Testing the pants pinned together with needles

I then went ahead and made the tunic, from a beige/undyed linen

Testing the base pieces together. This was the first wig i ordered but it was super shiny so I ordered a second one to use instead.

Painting the tiny sleeves for the vest, and starting the paintjob on the tabard. All freehand painted with acrylic paint.

Testing the costume on after adding light green linen decorations to the shorts, and finishing up the paint on the tabard

Dyeing the leather armbands, and testing the second wig with the headband and adjusting the fringe/styling

The dye I used for the leather is called Narvsvärta. I don't know if there really exists a word in English for it, but it's an extremely strong alcohol based dye.

Then I made the sword, recycling some of the plastic I had for my stageprops for my Charr. It's similar to plexiglass, but cheaper.

Cutting and heatshaping the blade, and adding a string of lights and gluing it together with hotglue

Adding the handle. I made it in styrofoam and then covered in Worbla. I don't have any photos of the progress of making the sheath, but it's also made out of Worbla.

The difference with lights on in regular apartment light, and in darkness

And here's the full costume before shooting!

Some details that I don't have photos of are;

* Decorating the sandals. It was quite a simple pattern, just gluing it onto a pair of sandals that covered a larger amount of my feet.

* The tiny vest that goes under the tabard, which has a velcro closure

* The belt, made in leather and having the hanging decorations made from air dry clay. They broke during the shoot, though

* The white wraps aroudn the legs and arms, were just a white fabric that I ripped to shreds and wrapped up

Wander was a fun build and I'd like to do him again someday. For the full album from the shoot, head over to the "Wander - Shadow of the Colossus" page.

Also a final safety PSA: Horsebackriding is dangerous. I've been riding and handling horses since I was like 6 or 7, but no matter how experienced you are it's always an animal that you're working with. I do not recommend riding without the proper gear or unfamiliar horses unless you completely understand the risks that come with that. I do realize it sounds a bit weird coming from someone who did exactly that, I just want to have it out there that it's definitely not risk free or being held responsible for someone replicating this. But I'm also not your mom so, each to their own.


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