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Sylvanas 2015 Build Log

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Here's the Build Log for my old Sylvanas cosplay, made in 2015 with the intention of having at the SCC qualifier at ComicConGamex 2015. It was a very fast build, so the photos are sparse. This was back when Sylvanas had a bikini armour model, identical to the base models of Ysera and Alextrasza. Given that I had already made Ysera, I used the same techniques and knew how to make that model of armour quite well.

I began with assembling my materials. A pair of high heel shoes, dark purple faux leather, red thin velvet fabric, a bra with removable straps, and black stretch fabric. I had quite a lot of EVA already at home hoarded from previous projects, as well as styrofoam and worbla.

I started with making the base cape, and building the breast-armour around the bra

Test fit of the breastplate, and after cutting the edge details on the cape. Testing the length with the heels on.

After that I basically just went ahead and made all the other pieces of armour, and covered them with dark purple faux leather - the same way as I covered the armour for Ysera in green fabric. The cape is attached in the shoulders, and the shoulders themselves are attached through the bra straps.

All the armour covered in purple, and test fitting everything on along with the cape

I hand painted the edges of the cape hood with a silver 3d liner paint

I then added all the hand cut bevels onto the armour pieces, as well as the "silver pearl" deco on the breastplate

Adding the bevels, decorating the shoes and assembling the silver pearl beads

Adding the beads to the bottom decoration of the breastplate, and gluing it on

For the skull decorations on the shoulders, I made a skull in plastilina which I put in my freezer to make it as solid as possible and then I made copies of it in one layer of worbla

I then went ahead and added all the LED's into the armour. I didn't make any resin crystals for this, but instead used transparent worbla painted on the inside to create lightweight domes over the LED's. To shape the domes I used the same method as for the skulls, I made a shape in Plastilina clay, froze it, and then shaped the transparent worbla around to get a dome shape.

LED's popped in, and then covered with the domes

I made the gloves using the black stretch fabric, and added claws made out of one layer of worbla to the tips.

Shaping the claws

I also managed a make-up test before it was time for the competition. For this cosplay I used creme/grease makeup, and picked a pair of red sclera lenses. The eyebrows are made with 2mm eva foam and painted in the same tone as my wig.

Makeup test

I didn't manage the bow in time for the compeition, but I did make it a short while after. I used styrofoam for the base that I carved the shapes out of, and covered it in Worbla.

That's about it as far as progress photos go.

As I mentioned in the start of this post, it was a fast and intense build. I have however had a lot of fun while wearing this costume, and I'm happy I remade her in 2020 with her new model. Sylvanas will probably always be one of my favourite characters from WoW, and with the improvements I'm making to my most recent version I'm feeling very good about making a proper representation of her.

For photos of the finished cosplay, check the "Other Cosplays" category.

If you have any questions, as usual I'm more than happy to answer!


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