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Master Tyrande Build Log

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Since I apparently can't get enough of making Tyrande, I made the Master Tyrande version from Heroes of the Storm. I'm not at all into MOBA games, but I like Tyrande and her design in HOTS was very different from her regular ingame model in WoW. Originally I made her with the intent of competing at DreamHack Summer 2015 but didn't manage her in time, so instead I competed at NärCon Summer 2015 in the cosplay performance.

I don't have a huge amount of photos for this build. So I'll begin with a text summary of the costume.

The armour is made out of EVA foam, covered in worbla and not primed, only painted. I dyed the wig and ponytail clip-on with alcohol based ink, made a pair of fake boobs, and made the wings out of clear plastic similar to Plexiglass. The bow and wings have EL-wire on them. I cast the crystals in resin and added blue LED's while doing the cast. The bow was made in styrofoam covered in Plasticréte. Also the little owls sitting on the shoulders were made in styrofoam. I used a white satin fabric to make the bodice going underneath everything, and white faux leather for the skirt. The skirt was decorated with EVA foam bevels.

Boobs carved in soft mattress foam, and then covered in a light purple cotton stretch fabric

Testing the leg and arm armour, and putting the chestplate together in the EVA foam stage

Covering all the foam with Worbla, and doing the paintjob after adding the crystals

Dyeing the wig and ponytail, and carving the little owls sitting atop the shoulders.

Carving and assembling the bow

That's it in regards to photos!

And I think that's also about all the explanations I have aswell as to how I made it. Everything was basically made to just slip in, no special attachments except for the chestplate that was tied with a thin wire in the back. The plexiglass wings and shoulders are in one piece shaped to sit on my shoulders with a part going across my back to keep them in place.

Head on over to "Other Cosplays" to see some photos of it, and as usual if you have any questions or anything else send me a message!


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