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Lestat Build Log

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Here's a somewhat smaller Build Log, about my Lestat cosplay. I made it with the intention of having it at the SCC cosplay ball back in 2017, but ultimately didn't finish it in time. I did finish it later on (obviously), but I don't have tons of photos of the process. I used a pattern for men's period clothing matching the clothes I wanted to do, altered to fit my size. So this is one of few exceptions of costumes where I didn't make my patterns 100% myself.

The hardest part about Lestat was choosing fabric that at least somewhat resembled in looks the type of fabric that they may have used for the movie. I didn't deep-dive too much into the costume making for the movie and given that it was made so long ago it was very hard to find photos of the actual costumes from different exhibitions where they have been featured. Especially given my choice of making the Gold/Blue costume only featured in a few scenes where Lestat and Louis go to a ball that ends with the poodle-scene (you probably know which one I mean).

In any case I picked a dark blue kind of velvet that was probably intended for furniture and not clothes for the coat and vest, a white cotton..mix? I think? And a gold lace to cut into pieces to make the gold decorations on everything. And another type of blue velvet for the pants. Also a dark blue satin liner fabric.

Here's all the base fabrics before getting to work

I didn't find any buttons really matching what I wanted to have, so I got some that were close enough and painted them.

Finished buttons!

Testing the poof-shirt after I'd sewn it together

Some shots of the entire costume before adding the lace decorations, buttons and closures, and doing the finishing touches

Trimming the lace and placing it onto the costume

The wig I picked for Lestat was the model Imladris from Arda in one of the blonde shades (not sponsered).

Testing it on straight out of the package before dyeing, styling and trimming the lace.

Dyeing the roots to give it a more natural look, for this I used promarkers in 5 different shades and worked from the back roots up to the front.

Curling it up

And the finished wig, after brushing out the curls a bit and tyeing it up into the ponytail.

That's all as far as photos go, what I did that isn't pictured is: * Add all buttons and closures * Add "pocketflaps" to the coat * Make fangs out of thermoplastic pellets

Lestat was a nice cosplay to make and to try out the patterning for the clothes was something I had not done prior to making it. I'm very pleased with how the wig turned out and the overall look of the costume, and given that I haven't worn it an awful lot it's still in good shape so it's not something I'm considering redoing or remaking in the future as of writing this.

As usual I hope you've enjoyed this post and hit me up if you have any questions! For the full set of photos of this cosplay head over to the dedicated page for Lestat


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