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Kyouka & Akutagawa Build Log

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


This time I'll combine the build log to be about two characters, Kyouka and Akutagawa from Bungou Stray dogs. Mainly because they were basically 1-day builds, and I only have three photos in total of the WIP. Bungou Stray Dogs is an anime I feel kind of flew under the radar for many, so if you're reading this I do recommend giving it a shot.

For Kyouka I selected a thicker synthetic satin..esque fabric. It has some shine, but it's not as glossy as many other synthetic satins. I made a simple pattern for the "kimono" and skirt (I can't really legitimately call what I made a kimono as I only made it to look like what she wears in the anime and I've not at all used proper techniques for it). I picked a yellow/gold-ish fabric for the waistpart and the huge ribbon that is in the back. The ribbon is stuffed with soft mattress foam to add some volume. The patterns on the costume is freehand painted with a type of paint just called "hobbyfärg" (hobby-paint). It's some kind of acrylic, but it tends to have a more true colour than the acrylics you can buy in tubes or such. For the cellphone I ordered a mock-phone from eBay (the type of phones used in a displaystand that aren't actual working phones) and painted it silver. The Bunny phone dangle was made with a small styrofoam ball for the head, and some felt fabrics for the body. As for the wig I just picked a cheap long dark purple wig off eBay aswell, and made the hairflowers from 2mm eva foam. Most of this costume is secured with safety pins and snap-buttons.

Here's a photo when I was trying out the top part of the costume before fixing the hems on the sleeves and bottom part.

Holy (my cat) was a superb helper with this project!

As for Akutagawa I picked a structured black fabric for the coat, and a thin synthetic fabric for the shirt. For the pants I just selected some random thin black fabric that was on sale, also synthetic. I added vliseline to structure the collar on the coat on the inside. All the patterns for Akutagawa were also very basic, the coat is made in three parts (+ sleeves). I also added a pair of hoops to have the coat-belt go through. The shirt is a kind of poof-shirt, with some frills where it closes in the front and of course by the end of the sleeves. The "scarf" is made in the same type of fabric as the shirt. I made the pants by tracing and replicating a pair of pants I already had at home to make the process fast and simple. I ordered a wig specifically for Akutagawa I think also off eBay and I really like it! Except for the fact that it's the most itchy wig I have ever owned, it looks great.

Testing out the cape after adding the collar and see if it would stand up properly with just the vliseline added.

So that's about it as far as these two characters go! I'm not considering remaking either of them, but I'd like to have at least one more photoshoot with Akutagawa since I can't get enough of cosplaying edgy bois.

As usual I'm available for any questions you may have!


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