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Katara Build Log

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Here's the Build Log for Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender. This was a very quick 1-day project, so I don't have super many photos of the process. I made her with the intention of wearing at the cosplay performance competition at NärCon Vinter 2016.

Most of the materials that went into this costume was stuff I already had at home. Two types of blue fabric, dark blue wool, a thick white fabric and some white fake fur.

The pile of materials

I also picked a pair of dark blue tights and an old pair of boots that I had previously used for larping.

I started with the light blue tunic to have underneath the vest-dress thing. It didn't have to be super perfect as the only thing that was going to show in the end were the sleeves.

I then patterned out and cut the darker blue fabric for the "dress"

The dress pinned together to see if the fit and positioning of the neckline was correct.

When I was happy with the fit I sewed everything together and added the white edging to the top, and the fake fur to the bottom of the dress. The only thing I don't have any photos of when making are the arm-sleeve-things in dark blue wool. I guess they are some kind of armwarmers. In any case they are made very simple like a tube to just slip into. After all that was done I moved on to making the necklace. I picked fimoclay in a nice blue shade that I had hoarded previously.

After I had hardened the clay I added some nailpolish paints to make it nice and shiny, and attached it to a blue satin ribbon.

After painting, and later with the ribbon attached

Here's how the full costume looked, without wig

Regarding the wig I bought a very cheap wig off eBay, a simple brown with no bangs.

I then styled it up to the bun and braid hairstyle. I used a hair donut to get the bun-shape above the braid, and added the beads later on made in worbla for the two strips of hair going from the forehead.

Overall Katara was a fun, quick and easy build. I've only worn her that one time for my performance at NärCon Vinter 2016 and I don't really have any intention of having her again. She's sadly not one of my favourite characters in Avatar, but I wanted to make a performance involving gymnastics ribbons so that's what I went for. Obviously I'm not considering remaking her in the future either.

For some photos from the performance, head on over to the "Other cosplays" page!

A kind of short log but I hope you like it nonetheless, Avatar (the last airbender) is such a good show so if you haven't watched it already I highly recommend it! And as usual, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.


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