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Inuyasha Build Log

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Here's a build log for everyone's favourite dogeboi - Inuyasha. A cosplay I made in 2014 but still holds up to this day!

I have extremely few images for this since unfortunately I didn't take that many and some have become corrupted and I can't use them. During this time I also had this strange idea of making poor quality videos of my WIP so I'll post that with subtitles since it's in Swedish.

For Inuyasha I researched japanese period clothing to try and understand what they aimed for in the anime. What I personally think is closest is a pair of Hakama for pants and a kind of kimono/gi/kuge hybrid for the upper body. It's really a complete mess. I'm definitely not even remotely close to knowing how japanese clothing works and their names and uses so please cut me some slack with the definitions. Once I did have my patterns figured out though, the build itself was very fast. I used cotton fabrics in red and white for the clothes, and air-dry clay for the necklace which I then painted with acrylic paints. The Tessaiga (Tetsusaiga, however you want to spell it) is made out of cheap white styrofoam covered in a lightweight resin (plasticréte) with a wooden stick core. It's decorated with white faux fur and leather wrapped handle. The wig consists of three wigs stitched together to get the full volume and fluff, and the ears are made out of 3mm white EVA foam, sewn into the wig. I do have fangs aswell, and they are made out of white thermoplastic pellets.

So without further ado, here's like my only 3 photos of the WIP.

Taking out the base shape of the sword and gluing the handle, and testing the folds and fit of the Hakama before cutting the length and doing the final sewing.

Covering the sword with a thin fabric and Plasticréte. Plasticréte requires a fabric layer in order to have something to stick to.

And here's the video of the clothes halfway through the process of making them. The explanations are very poor but consider also this was filmed 6 years ago (as of writing this). I only bothered to subtitle the relevant parts (no "uuhhs" and "here's my cat" etc.). And I'm terribly sorry for filming vertically instead of horizontal.

So that's the full Build Log for Inuyasha! A very small one compared to some others, but perhaps you found it interesting or helpful. And as usual if you have any questions feel free to write to me!


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