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Characters that I've made for LARP or original concepts

All of these costumes have been made for LARPing, with materials and techniques to make them last for at least a week of wear and tear outdoors. It's different from my cosplay work in that aspect, and these characters will give you some insight to what I create from my mind alone.

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Faeries are by far my favourite type of Original Characters to create. Over the years I have made several iterations, with the most recent being my purple moth inspired fae.

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The Mutant character is a character created as NPC for the LARP Blodsband Reloaded. I chose to make a mutant with a snow leopard theme because I love cats and wanted to try and make a tail that would hold up for an entire LARP. The skull mask is purchased from Bueshang's Creations. The rifle is an Airsoft Kalashnikov, painted to fit the character.

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Sometimes I don't wear elf ears or wigs. It's rare, but here is a collection of my Viking themed outfits and a more casual "hunter" look. I've used these clothes primarily for Medieval Week at Gotland.

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My Ice Dragon character is a character who has seen many upgrades since my first time playing it. Upgraded horns, costume, wig.. you name it. This was my first time doing scalemail, and to this day it's still one of my favourite costume pieces. The poofy dress is an attempt att following historically accurate patterns, and I chose the Ice Dragon theme to model it with.

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Playing a character that is more humble is what the Troll character is all about. A bouncy ball of joy and mischief. This is one of my older characters and probably one of the comfiest costumes I've made to date.