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World of Warcraft

I created this cosplay of the Classic Night Elf in 2018 as a remake of my first ever costume to commemorate 10 years of crafting.

Noteworthy details:
* All the "clothes" are made with quilted genuine leather

* The skin colour is 100% bodypaint in all photos

* The armour bits are made out of EVA foam, foamclay and Worbla

For a full documentation of the work behind making this costume check the Build Log linked below.

Night Elf Classic Design (World of Warcraft): Gallery

Allion Photography Stockholm 2019

Wichteli's Wonderland Pixelmania 2019

Cosplay Studio Norway Pixelmania 2019

Kaywinnith Pixelmania 2019

Cos Pix Creation Pixelmania 2019

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