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Kampfrau | Trossfrau
(16th Century German)

Original concept and creation
with historical references

Back in November 2020 me and Delightfulmess decided to start working on making these ensembles based on historical german gowns from the 16th century. These garments are very intense to make but with both of us making them around the same time, sharing ideas and helpful descriptions made the process more manageable. Everything is 100% handstitched, and thus it took us all the way until August 2021 until we were ready to premiere them and have a shoot. These types of dresses are very popular to wear at the Swedish Medieval Week in Visby, Gotland, and we're looking forward a lot to visiting and wear this in the proper context.

I'd also like to give a huge thanks to Catrine Åhlén, the author at Katafalk for providing extensive tutorials on how to tackle a project like this.

To get some insight of how I made my ensemble, check out the Build Log below.

Kampfrau Gallery

Allion Photography Stockholm 2021

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