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Demon Slayer

I created this cosplay of Inosuke in 2020. Inosuke is such a high-energy ferocious and rambunctious character that I knew right away that this would be my favourite character in Demon Slayer. It did take me quite some time to actually finish the cosplay however, but I'm more than happy with the outcome.

Noteworthy details:
* The boar head is made with a cardboard base

* The wig is a base black wig with additional light blue wefts sewn into it to create the ombre look.

* The pants and the "shoes" are separate pieces, joining together beneath the knees.

For a full documentation of the work behind making this costume check the Build Log linked below.

Inosuke (Demon Slayer) Gallery

Sandro Littlebear Volta 2022

Allion Photography Stockholm 2020

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