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I created this cosplay of Eileen the Crow in 2016. Originally I made it as only the Crowfeather garb and featured the Saw Cleaver as weapon, however I changed that in 2019 with a new hat and proper Blades of Mercy for Eileen. With this I won best craftmanship in the Master tier at NärCon Winter 2016.

Noteworthy details:
*The cloak is made of over 200 handcut and handstitched genuine leather pieces

* The mask is made of waterformed genuine leather and I took the creative liberty of keeping it black.

For a full documentation of the work behind making this costume check the Build Log linked below.

Eileen the Crow (Bloodborne): Gallery

Soulcatcher Photography Pixelmania 2019

Robert Johannesson Photography Linköping 2016

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