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Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

I debuted this cosplay in 2024, originally for the Swedish Cosplay Championships

For many years Carmilla has lived rent free in my mind, and when I qualified to the Swedish Championships of 2024 I decided that this was the time to finally make her a reality. In fairness though, the "final" version wasn't really ready until Volta in Cosplay 2024 a couple of months later, where the majority of all current photos where taken. Nonetheless, this was a massive build and although I'm not unfamiliar with working with fabrics, it does take a whole other mindset compared to armour especially when it's something so particular as Carmilla's iconic design.

Head on over to the Build Log if you're curious to check out my progress!

Build Log

Ansay, Volta 2024

Wytch Gallery

Toten Pictures Volta 2024

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