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A catch-up post

Hello everyone! I realize I've been pretty bad keeping up with any weekly posts as I originally had planned but hopefully that will change a bit now during the autumn. Also taking into account that I finally got the renovations finished in my apartment which honestly were a complete mess to handle.

I've amassed quite a bit of backlog of projects that I've started either this year or even last yera (or... even further back) that I've done too much on to completely scrap so I'd like to try and finish them over the winter and have them all done in February or so. Since these are costumes that I've either posted WIP of before or somehow mentioned I don't plan to keep any of them secret, however the stuff I've got in store to premiere in 2021 will have to wait a bit longer until I announce :) I recently finished Inosuke from Demon Slayer so I'll be writing a small post about that soon aswell.

This will probably be more of a list for me to check what I've done and what I've got left but just putting it out there somewhere will hopefully push me a bit to actually get going again with them.

So without further ado.. Let's get on with the list, in no particular order of progression.

Rosalina from Mario Tennis Aces

Rosalina is one of those costumes that I though would be nice and simple but ended up with me having to sew like one billion additional hair wefts into the wig. And.. that's pretty much where I stopped. I've got the fabrics and everything else though and Allion has been working on our tennis rackets since she's doing Peach. It's going to be too cold to wear during the winter but it would be nice to finally do our duo-cosplay sometime next year that we've planned for a very long time now. I've never done a Nintendo character before except Cynthia from Pokémon so it's going to be a bit of a challenge getting that perfect finish that their characters have (but who am I to ever back down from a challenging costume...).

Ryuko from Kill la Kill

I guess I'm pretty "late" to actually do a cosplay from Kill la Kill (apart from my attempt at Satsuki with the evolved Junketsu way back in 2014 that went down the drain). But last winter I couldn't resist and ordered a costume for Ryuko, with the intention of having it as a nice relaxed "strolling around at a con" cosplay. Then, well, everything happened and I've basically regressed into even more of a couch potato than before. In any case I got the scissor blade 3d printed by a friend, and I've got the wig ready for styling so there's not really much left to do on this. The costume does need some alterations as to the fit, and I'll make a new glove but other than that I'm optimistic to have this done and with a photoshoot in October latest.

Kanroji from Demon Slayer

As aforementioned my online shopping fingers were itching a lot last winter and so I ordered a costume for Kanroji aswell. It also requires some adjustments in the fit, but overall it's a pretty good costume. I've commissioned the wig from Mitternacht Cosplay and I'll be making the katana myself. As well as maybe a new pair of socks, the ones I recieved have a tendency to contantly slip down so it depends on how I solve that. I really decided to take the easy way out with both this and Ryuko but it's honestly been quite nice to just not have to put in the massive amount of work doing everything myself as I usually do otherwise. Depending on when my wig gets done I'd love to have a shoot with Kanroji while it's still very golden autumn outside with lots of colours to go along with her very colourful character!

Mordred from Fate: Apocrypha

I started Mordred almost instantly after I had finished watching Apocrypha, I just really love her character and sass! Originally I was going to have her for NärCon Summer 2019 but I didn't want to rush it too hard (with the rush of everything else for Pixelmania during that time). Then I was intending to bring her to Volta but then Volta didn't happen and I didn't feel the motivation to pick her back up. I did manage a christmas version (which you can see on the main website), however the main costume still has quite some work left. Nothing really makes sense as far as to how things hold up so that's where I'm at right now in the build. A lof of the main parts are done, but getting them to actually hold together and stay up is quite the task. I'm also still in some kind of love-hate relationship with the bangs on the wig which I've yet to figure out how to style in a way that pleases me. I've been considering a lot of different materials for the sword but I'm most likely doing that last and hope that i find a good solution while working on everything else, haha. I'm in no rush to finish this since it's more optimal wearing in warmer weather so I wouldn't mind if I finish it around February (since that's when I'll have to start my new big builds of 2021).

Druid T21 Mythic from World of Warcraft

This is yet another project that I've pushed the deadline for multiple times, because I've seriously underestimated how long certain pieces of it would take to make. This is a huge costume as far as how many pieces and different techniques I'm using, but I'm looking forward to perhaps finish it in time to send in to the BlizzConline competition. I'll be contemplating a lot which costume to send in for my participation to that, so depending on the outcome of this costume it will be between either this or Sylvanas. However I doubt I'll have this anywhere even near completion before December earliest.

Of course no WoW-cosplay is complete without weapons and for this I'll be making the Claws of Ursoc (Legion Guardian Artifact weapon). I've yet to start them and I'd love to implement small smoke machines but I'll see if that's possible to do in a safe way.

Speaking of Sylvanas... I'd like to refurbish my Sylvanas cosplay

While I am OK with my Sylvanas cosplay, I'd like to rework it and make it as good as I originally had intended. That includes re-doing the entire paintjob of the armour parts, improving the makeup, making better attachments for some parts of the costume (like the quiver), and overall adding more detail and depth. Also reworking some parts of the bow and perhaps re-doing the shoulders entirely. So it's a lot of work, not as much as making it completely from scratch again but almost close enough.

I guess taking a year off from competitions has been a very good thing for me, but I'm also noticing that I don't really do much without having a set deadline or "goal" that I'm working towards. I mean, not that I had much choice anyway given the state of the world but you get the gist. I'm enjoying taking my time with my work and I really hope that will reflect in the quality and finish of my upcoming projects, as well as mixing simple and more complex builds to get some variety and feeling that I actually do finish something from time to time.

Anyways, I'll be trying to get into the groove of doing weekly updates with what I've been working on and hope you'll enjoy these slightly more "in depth" looks of the process from idea to finished build. I have a very hard time knowing what to really post on social media apart from finished photos since I don't know what interests people regarding WIP or "long posts", so for now I'm mostly sticking to fancy photos and if I'm especially proud of some WIP piece.

As always, take care and don't hesitate to write if you're curious about anything!